Sponsorship is a relationship between a donor (you; the sponsor) and a child in need. The sponsor gives an annual payment to BASICS International to pay for the school fees and associated costs for a child to attend school each year. As a sponsor, you are connected to one child and learn their story as they grow up.

Educating a child goes beyond school fees and books.

Children thrive when they’re happy and healthy! BASICS provides holistic education support in the communities that need it most. We address the health, wellbeing, education (and happiness) of every child that walks through our gates.

The situation in Chorkor

In impoverished communities such as Chorkor, many children are deprived their right to an education due to limited opportunities, and poor choices made on their behalf. Children are often found working in the local market, or fishing at the seaside. In some cases, children are simply sitting in the house doing nothing.

Whilst public education is free and compulsory in Ghana, there are other necessary expenses which can often be too much for families. This results in high drop-out rates at school in Ghana.

Our impact

Since 2000, BASICS has been removing children from the streets and placing them in classrooms. As a result of our BACK2SCHOOL program, approximately 500 children in Accra as well as in rural communities outside of the capital city are now attending school. Our goal is to give each child the opportunity to reach University level.

B.A.S.I.C.S is at the forefront of empowering communities through education.


be a part oft his success story

Life is complex and unpredictable, but one thing that can never be taken away from anyone is their education. Education is the most sustainable form of development. It is the fastest way to move towards equality on our planet. Here at BASICS, we believe that it is our responsibility to share the opportunity of education with everyone, in order to create a world where every single person has equal access to food, security, information, technology and happiness.

Making an annual donation is a small sacrifice for many of us. For some, the donation is hardly noticed in amongst the multitude of things we spend our money on. But, the impact that this sponsorship will make on the child that you support is truly life changing.

SOLO SPONSORSHIP @ $84.00 a month 

You can make recurring payments or donate in full ( $1000.00 a year)  at the start of the academic year

  • You will be introduced through pictures, letters and school reports.  The child will also be introduced to you through pictures, letters ( optional)
  • You will received termly report letters, photos  and updates

ITS TAKES A VILLAGE @ $1000 (collective) per year

Invite family members, friends, co-workers, staff or your community to sponsor a child.

  • The team leader will receive an introduction  through pictures, letters and school reports of your sponsored child.  The child will also be introduced to you through pictures, letters ( optional)
  • You will receive termly reports. Letters , photos  and updates

JOIN A VILLAGE Choose your amount per year

Offer what you can and become part of a global village to take care of one child

  • Donate any amount. Which will be used with other donations to invest in a child’s education.
  • You will be informed of the child name and photo

You will receive an annual report of the child


Support our mission to deliver EDUCATION, health, wellbeing, and happiness to children in Ghana.


School fees to a privately owned school, (smaller classes sizes)
Books, school supplies, text books
Exam fees
School lunch
Healthcare insurance
After-school programs (tutoring/social worker/music classes/access to library access to computers/safety)
Dinner, access to toilets, clean drinking water
Life skill training
Human rights protection
Quality education

In return you will receive:

Photo and Bio of your sponsor child
Updates ( report cards. progress sheets and letters directly from the school and child)
Christmas cards, and occasional letters throughout the year.
Access to write your child at any time– and receive a response
Arrange for video calls
Invitation to meet your child in person, if you visit Ghana
Assurance of knowing your child, and your support is SAVE with us.
A tax deductible receipt and letter acknowledging your donation

If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship programs, please contact us.

Give the gift of education to a child

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