RERUN- Thrift Shop

RERUN-Thrift Shop

The word RERUN  means  to repeat, make anew, run again.   So we only found it appropriate to rename Nana’s Closet to RERUN; as most items have been slightly used and donated to our shop.   The concept started about 10 years ago, when founder Pat Wilkins continuously  donated her personal  unused clothes and items  to the community and then started charging a small fee and donating the proceeds to fund Saturday activities of BASICS.    Through the years the demand grew; as community members would constantly ask ” when are you selling that dress ( referring to the  dress Aunty Pat was wearing).

Shortly later, Aunty Pat realized that most women were not buying the items for themselves but to resell; to pay school fees, buy food , and upkeep their households; hence our thrift shop was open for business.

Recycling comes in many forms. Today, we witness paper, plastic, and waste  recycled to make beautiful items and energy. We have long learned that “One man’s (or woman’s) trash, leftover… or simply skinny clothes, is another persons treasure!”

Our thrift shop has a multi- dimension impact in the community through providing income to individuals, providing revenue for BASICS programs and adds dignity to anyone wearing the items; as most items are designer items that most people do not have access to.

RERUN is located on the premises ( store front) of SOJA ( South West Of Jamestown Accra) a subsidiary of B A S I C S International at 333 Ama Twitwegu Street,   Chorkor, Accra.

100% proceeds of RERUN support our BACK to SCHOOL sponsorship program and BREAK the CYCLE intervention program.

RERUN is a thrift shop like no other! Stocked with men and women apparel and foot ware  (sorry no children’s clothing, these items are donated to our young people) household items, electrical appliances, gadgets, and equipment, computers (and parts.)


CALL to make an  appointment today. Call us at 0277 320925

Organize a group or come alone. Its always an experience, and there’s always something to buy. Some items still have price tags on them! Items priced unbelievably low: GHC 1.00, GHC2.00, GHC5.00, GHC10.00.

Can you imagine what cleaning your closet can do-   IT CAN PAY SCHOOL FEES!



Call us at 0277-512671 or email: