Hedzole is the Ga word meaning Freedom. #IAMHEDZOLE gives underprivileged women the freedom to live life on their terms by providing them with financial security, social inclusion and education. We believe self-sustainability begins with giving women a hand-UP not a handout.

#IAMHEDZOLE  is a social enterprise program that empowers women socially, economically and emotionally by helping them to become self-sufficient through skill training and education. Our program trains financially and socially disadvantaged women, most of whom haven’t completed secondary school, how to sew, stitch and quilt. Many of our seamstresses are earning a consistent income for the first time in their lives and have benefited from the B.A.S.I.C.S International social intervention program in some form. We see the pride and confidence as they master a new skill and we will continuously nurture their growth.


#IAMHEDZOLE empowers women by:

Creating  Visibility
It’s imperative for us to give space for women – to be noticed, recognized, and have their own voices. There is no possibility of having a voice if an woman  is not accounted for and represented.

Ensuring  Consideration
We address the concerns and needs of women are taken into account by policy-makers.

Providing Access
Our mission is to expose our seamstresses for social interactions. Women must be able to engage in society’s activities and social networks in their daily life, including economic, social, cultural, religious, and political activities. If our seamstresses are not able to navigate in society, they will be limited in their future endeavors.

Educating Women on Their Rights
Women  must have rights to act and claim, rights to be different, legal rights, rights to access social services, such as housing, education, transportation, and health care.

Providing Resources
We ensure that women are able to fully participate in society. Women who do not have access to basics resources are not able to participate fully in society. However, even if women have access, they cannot participate fully without adequate knowledge of how to use these resources.



Each woman goes through an extensive 6 week training that covers how to use a sewing machine, proper stitching, how to use a cutting board and everything she will need to become a successful seamstress. We have sewing teachers come in from around the world to teach our seamstresses new techniques and how to create new products.

We are proud to say that every single day our women are learning something new while earning an income to sustain themselves and their families. Each woman has a bank account and is taught how to save and make smart financial decisions for her future. The growth we have witnessed is astounding.

You can support #IAMHEDZOLE and a woman finding her own freedom by purchasing a ready-made product or by making an order for custom designs. In addition, we sew  for bulk orders and we have the ability to use authentic Ghanaian/African fabrics. We create table runners, bags, oven mitts, bed runners, patchwork quilts- you name it, we can stitch it.

To purchase an #IAMHEDZOLE product or request a bulk order send us an email at info@basicsinternational.org.



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