In Chorkor, it is not uncommon to see a 12 year old, mothering her new born child, rather than attending school.  Due to cultural and social  practices and pressure, many young girls , often follow the path of teenage pregnancy, which only continues the cycles of poverty in their communities.   Drop out rates amongst females is higher than the male child; as girls are normally forced into labor, or forced relationships.

It is important that these girls are shown extra attention, and given the opportunities they deserve, to reject living a life of poverty.

IGAP addresses the decline of females accessing school or reaching high school.

IGAP provides mentorship, skills, tools, access, resources, choices for the  GIRLS child to ensure.  Giving girls access empowers and creates self sufficient households.


IGAP was initially;  funded by African Women’s Development Fund.

 a safe haven for girls

Once a boarding house for GIRLS,   IGAP has evolved into MORE! Meeting the needs of girls beyond shelter.    In 2009, BASICS opened Nana’s Home; a safe house for at risk girls;  who were more likely to drop out of school, get pregnant, or be forced into a situation out of their control.

Nana’s  house, was a transition house for many, whilst it was a home for others.   Girls were mentored, monitored, empowered through learning life skills, given the chance to stay in school, with NO pressure.

Girls, developed friendships, sister-hoods that encouraged them to fight and make the right choices.

Girls are equipped and empowered to break cycles of poverty.

Girls are taught to DREAM, ASPIRE and INSPIRE

IGAP was initiated in 2009, through a grant from the  African Women’s Development Fund.   Today, IGAP continues as an empowerment program for girls, young woman and women.

Through IGAP; other programs such as HEDZOLE ( meaning freedom) was created.  Young women  learned  skills that can earn them an income, and create independence and self sufficiency. Hedzole was started in 2016 by three IGAP beneficiaries, after completing high school.   After learning to make quilted runners; the items were sold and each person earned the proceeds.   They were taught to open a bank account, save and plan for their future.

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