Community Outreach


We engage with the community of Chorkor through various forms of outreach. This allows us to stay informed with what the community needs, maintain relationships with our neighbours, and continue providing the best support to the children for their education.

Our outreach includes organising events that improve the health, sanitation and well-being of the community. We run workshops educating locals on nutrition, health, hygiene, environmental awareness, family planning, child labor, child trafficking, education, abuse and other issues that effect the community.

Part of our outreach includes inspiring joy, hope and confidence in our children. During our community marches, children can be seen bearing colourful signs that promote positive messages to their families and friends.

Our outreach also extends beyond Chorkor into greater Accra and Ghana. BASICS purchases, collects and distributes medical supplies, schoolbooks, stationary, clothing, furniture and other provisions to other communities, villages and schools throughout Ghana. We also regularly work with local schools and other NGOs.

Each year we host groups from the United States and Europe who conduct Vacation Bible School, medical screening, sport clinics, art and crafts clinics and other academic and recreational activities.

It takes a village to raise a child

Real change is achieved through empowering those living in poverty to create their own change. Giving ‘aid’ is not enough. Donating clothes or food is great for emergency situations such as natural disasters or conflict, but this is a short term solution. Permanent change is achieved by giving people in need access to information, providing them with the tools they need to take action, and creating opportunities for them to save, loan and earn their own money.


This is one of our most-loved community outreach initiatives. Sometimes a splash of colour and love is all it takes to brighten your day!

In 2007 two international volunteers gave BASICS a new look by painting one of our classrooms. They adorned the walls and ceilings with colorful artwork and it gave our space a whole new look and feel.

BASICS founder Patricia Wilkins was inspired by this, and thought why not extend this gift to the community? A local school was the next stop; where a classroom for Class 1 was transformed from a dark, lifeless room to a vibrant, colorful, inviting room for all children to learn. Posters were donated; and desks were also painted. BASICS provided the paint, while volunteers and students donated their time to paint. Other schools have also been painted since then.


This time we decided to bring a bit of greenery into Chorkor. Thanks to the students at Webster University, BASICS was able to supply beautiful plants to our local community.

This was a fun day for everyone involved, and the result was that all the residents that received plants are now inspired to continue beautifying their space, and are more conscious of littering in the community.

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