Break The Cycle


Sending children to school is our first responsibility , but our challenge is keeping them in school.

Since the beginning in December 2000 , BASICS has provided sponsorship to nearly 1000 children throughout Ghana.

It takes a lot more than sponsorship to create success. Children need support, nurturing, love, discipline, resources and motivation for their schooling to be successful. In Ghana many students slip through the cracks, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

BASICS is committed to BREAK THE CYCLE ; that perpetuate poverty!

Intervention+ Sponsorship + Examples = Self Sufficiency.

Our Intervention program  under the roof of  Nana’s House provides mandatory tutoring and mentoring  after school  to every  child  that is sponsored.   Our commitment to keep children in school, requires the support , which many do not get at home.  Many of the children in our program are the first generation of their family to attend school.  They require special attention and support, as they are not able to receive assistance from their parents, who often do not understand the importance of education or are equipped to help.

Mentored and Tutored by local staff/volunteers  and international volunteers, the children are immersed in a wide range of activities to nurture their creativity, problem solving skills, and to expand the limited national curriculum.

Break the CYCLE!

A typical day at Nana’s House

When children enter Nana’s House, their schedule is jam packed with activities. Most importantly there is homework time, which is just that, time for the children to do their home work with the guidance of a tutor. In addition the children partake in meal time, music, library, computer, arts & crafts, dance and much more. Break the Cycle integrates creativity, problem solving and leadership opportunities into its programing.


The Stars are the Limit is an uniquely designed program to encourage attendance,, punctuality , good behavior and better grades.  Children are rewarded stars, which are then redeemed for items in our incentive store.

The Stars program, has long lasting effects,  it facilitates a child’s interest in something they they originally did not have interest in,  It allows students to acquire new skills, knowledge and habits.


Children earn merit stars for their attendance, performance, behaviour and achievements, which can then be redeemed for items in our Incentive store. Children can purchase everyday necessities including food, hygiene products, clothing and shoes. We also have games, knick-knacks and music available at the store for those who are savy enough to save.

This has proven to be a great incentive for children to be consistent in attending school, along with parents who now encourage their children to try their hardest, with hopes to also benefit from the store themselves!

The Stars are the Limit has also  proven to be a great way to teach the children how to budget and save money!

All items in incentive store, are acquired through donations.


Nearly 30% of Ghanaians still live on less than US$1.25 per day, which the World Bank defines as “extreme poverty.” Approximately 2 Million Ghanaians have limited access to food. Children are especially vulnerable, with approximately 12% of Ghana’s children under the age of five currently underweight.


Each day children in Chorkor seek for means to find a meal as part of their daily survival. Many make choices to work hauling goods in the market, or even engaging in commercial sex.  Despite the long hours families put in working as petty traders, fish smokers and fisherman, it is very difficult to provide a balanced meal for their children, let alone three meals a day for an entire family.


In 2005 we began providing hot nutritional meals to the children of BASICS everyday. Nourishing food is essential for every child’s development. Trained cooks provide freshly local dishes in a sanitary kitchen.  Clean drinking water, is provided with each meal.   Our kitchen runs year round, also providing meals when school is out of session.

Our nutrition program, also teaches children about food protection, which has decreased the cases of Cholera and other bacterial diseases in the community.

Give the gift of security, support and love

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